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All our cats are rescues which means they were previously either strays or abandoned. We are strong believers in adopting and not buying animals. The Company of Cats hopes to inspire more understanding and love for our wonderful feline friends and raise awareness of cat welfare in Singapore.


Meownaging Director

Dressed to impress in her dapper tuxedo, Coco has set about to reorganise the team, complete with all-new designations to suit the adorable purr-sonalities of our other lovable kitties.  Our newest café cat Coco comes with over 6 cat years of experience in purr-fecting people-cat relations. This big bundle of love is a magnet for head rubs, and she’s game for maybe even a belly rub or two!


Meowketing Director / Cat Influencer

Having starred as a cat extra in over 37 Korean dramas, Belle is already a certified cat celebrity who loves nothing more than having people brush her beautiful long fur. Belle may not be the most agile and active of the lot, but she is sure to warm your heart with that adorable face of hers.


Purr-blic Relations Meownanger

The café’s resident sweetheart, Mags takes Purr-blic Relations to a whole new level! A shelter cat for most of her life, she’s always up for head rubs and a little dose of TLC.


Sales Meownager

Our resident Catssanova, Elliot has all the meows and moves that the ladies can’t seem to get enough of. A bundle of energy that will chase practically anything that moves, Elliot is also comfortable just lying in your lap and having his head stroked for hours on end.


F&B Operations

As the resident heavyweight champion, Skippy’s dedication to food is second to none. A literal bundle of joy, this chubby tabby will warm you with his intriguing facial expressions.


Skippy's first order of business in his new role is to triple the current tuna inventory!


Head of Security

A former member of the elite KGB (Kitty Girl’s Brigade), Sasha combines elegance and intelligence to spread smiles and love to the people around her.


Social Media Meownager

Armed with enchanting eyes and magical good looks, Harry is the son of Lily and makes up the other half of our wonderful Ginger family. An early entrepreneur, his brainchild ‘Furr-book’ is now the no.1 cat social media application.


International Relations / Receptionist

When she’s not busy being a loving mother to her son Harry, Lily is always there to provide the best purr-sonal service possible. Affectionate and adorable all at once, we’re sure Lily will leave you spellbound by her charm!


Events Meownanger

With her unique “two-face” markings and kitten like eyes, Lulu likes nothing more than spending time in the company of those who shower her with affection. A cardboard enthusiast, she’s also the main cat behind all our amazing events!


Permanent Intern

With her ability to stay forever young, our adorable little Daisy is a bundle of constant energy that loves nothing more than playing with toys or entertaining you with that adorable face of hers.


Hos-purrtality Meownanger

As the resident big sister, Meringue is often perched high on our shelves looking over both cats and customers. Armed with her unique grace and elegance, Meringue enjoys sitting beside customers while they sip on a Cat-ppuccino or two.

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